what is home?

What is home?
In this big world with
A lot of doubt
And stochasticity?

What is home?
Is it the sweeping melodies
Of Scheherazade
The full moon on a cold January night?

Or the sound of silence between us
When understanding required no voice
And love sufficed?

What is home?
Is it Tanglewood
The overpriced restaurants we could never afford but still indulged in
The lightening following the thunder
Splayed across the sky?

Is it when my future became so stochastic and
Independent from yours
When two roads diverged in a wood
And neither wanted to take the one
Less traveled by?

Who is home?
The one who taught me how
To fall in love
With the beauty
Of time?


Where is home?
Now that these memories Coalesce
Into faint, scattered pieces of dust.

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