due diligence

Once, in Houston’s Third Ward
in the sweltering heat of the summer sun 
A Black woman gently chided me:

“Listen, honey,
Y’all outsiders
must do your due diligence
Before coming into our communities

“I see your heart
and the heart of others like you.

You wanna help
But do more harm than good
Cause y’all college kids
Don’t understand the history
Of the very people
That have nurtured the soil
Where our vitality takes root

“My advice to you is:
Go educate yourself
Do your due diligence
To Understand:

Our culture
Our past, present, and future
Before you come sauntering in
Like the White Savior
Looking to rescue before you listen and observe”

In our hearts we yearn
for Redemption,
for Justice,
for Peace.
An end to the collective trauma of the oppressed.
The Promise of the Promised Land.

“Honey, promise me now, that you’ll always do your due diligence?”

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